Mergers and Acquisitions

CFH advises on all quantitative and qualitative issues with regard to M&A and JV transactions whereby CFH seeks to identify and realize potential synergies in such transactions. CFH's scope includes but not limited to identifying the acquisition target, conducting valuation and due diligence, performing negotiations, advising on the transaction’s structure, term sheet, working and coordinating closely with lawyers and other concerned parties until conclusion.

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Financial Management and Restructuring

CFH provides advice on the financial management of the company with special focus on cash-flow issues and key solvency ratios. Past mandates awarded to CFH included advice on the company cash-flow cycles and solvency matters. This further led to advise on debt restructuring plan and to possibly recommend on new revised capital structure of the company in accordance with the company's specific needs and industry norms.


Divestitures and Spin-offs

CFH advises clients seeking to improve their cash flow by divesting non-core assets or that have lost their strategic fit or are under performing and/or not within the client’s revised asset allocation paradigm. CFH endeavors to identify potential buyers and divest non-core assets at fair market value.

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