CFH offers an independent company financial valuation based on adopted international standards. The process involves an in-depth understanding of the company’s history and current business model, the market, and its operating landscape. Furthermore, CFH will engage in a comprehensive financial and ratio analysis, financial projections and adopting various valuation methods. In addition, CFH will examine the legal and regulatory environment in which the company is operating from.


Financial Due Diligence

During the advanced stages of a transaction, CFH is often engaged in conducting a detailed financial due diligence exercise based on a comprehensive review of all audited financial records, management reports, and other operational issues deemed material toward the conclusion of the transaction in question.


Project Promotion, Development, and Management

CFH advises on greenfield or expansion projects. CFH’s role is to assist the client in building vision, strategy, financial engineering, product mix, target market, etc. CFH also monitors and supervises the project’s progress in accordance with a pre-agreed timeline, from the initiation phase until the successful commissioning and fruition of the project.

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Value Enhancements and Turnarounds

CFH advises businesses on the current business model and the potential challenges facing the business in the future. CFH recommends concrete steps toward value enhancement and/or more drastic steps in turnaround situations. The process involves a close examination of the viability and the competitiveness of the business model, a detailed review of the financial structure, and assessment of the interactive meetings, the quality of the management structure, and determine their competency level.

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